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What is an Adaptiv Home Specialist?

-Are you finding it difficult to function around your home?

-Are you concerned that you’ll trip and fall in your home?

-Do you feel unsafe in your bathroom?

If you answered yes to these questions, it could be time to call in an Adaptiv Home Specialist to check your home and see if any changes can be made to make you feel safer and restore your sense of independence.

An Adaptiv Home Specialist, is a person that’s trained to perform a home assessment for people that want to remain in their homes but because of aging or an accident, they find that their homes aren’t meeting their needs.

The in-depth assessment looks at the person’s unique wants and needs in conjunction with their Occupational Therapist or Caregivers’ input. The exterior and interior are both taken into account during the assessment because you have to enter into the home safely before the interior evens comes into play.

We look at the slope of the driveway, width of the walkways, porches, landings, doorways, lighting, mats, systems for organizing, contrasting colours for better visibility, railings around steps and stairways, grab bars in the bathroom and so much more.

If you want to stay in your home for as long as possible, it could happen if you make your home safer and adapted it to your needs and wants.

Call for a home assessment today to see what can be done to Bring you the Luxury of Time and Peace of Mind.


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