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Tidy Tips for the busy Person

I know everyone has a different life schedule and has different priorities but when it comes to keeping a home tidy, we all want quick and easy!

Here's my tips for achieving just that:

  1. Get everyone onboard. Don't be the sole person in charge of tidying (you'll be running a losing frustrating race ), make it a family routine and definitely discuss where they need and want things to go. The 'home' for items should work for everyone. Communicate your feelings and get everyone's input and help,

  2. Put things away not down. This means when you're finished with an item, you put it back in it's 'home', not on the floor, on the table or on the counter. This simple habit can save a lot of time if small things are done frequently, instead of a lot of things to tidy at the end of the day.

That brings me to another simple tidy habit. Get into a routine of taking time at the end of the day clear the kitchen counters, make sure all areas have items 'homed' and prep for the next day. Waking up to a home that shouts "I'm messy and you need to do something NOW!" It makes your feel defeated and behind and you just started!

3. Make your bed. I know it sounds simple but it's a small thing that can be done by all ages and it starts your day off with a feeling of control and accomplishment. When a bed is made it signals that you're ready for your day to start, Bring it on! It also keeps the sheets clean if you have pets that like to nap on your bed. The less pet hair on your pillow or in your sheets the better you'll probably sleep. You can either tuck in and smooth each sheet and the cover or you can just straighten the cover and leave it hiding your crumpled sheets. As long as the top looks smooth, it's made!

Some people sabotage their organizational plans by thinking their home has to be magazine/Instagram picture worthy 24/7. Well that's not realistic and not possible when your home is "LIVED IN". Life gets messy and people move things, bring more stuff home, have laundry, wet shoes and not to mention pet messes. Ask yourself "Are you living in a relaxing home or in a precious showroom?"

Other sabotages are in thinking that a disorganized home can be fixed quickly with the purchase of a shelf or more containers. The storage system has to meet the specific needs of the items being stored and how they're to be accessed later. Being organized first starts with sorting and editing your stuff to decide if they deserve to remain in your home and where's the best place for them. My final thought is that being organized does not come naturally for everyone. Just because other people can keep their homes tidy easily without stress, doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. Everyone has different talents and skills, likes and dislikes. Ask a tidy friend to help you or research different techniques online. Make sure that the friend LOVES to tidy and finds it easy because if they struggle too then it'll just frustrating and you'll end up accomplishing nothing. Take your time too! It may take days to get a whole room organized. Attack the area that causes you the most stress first then work from there. Seeing the amazing results will give you the encouragement to continue on your journey to an organized and decluttered space.


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