Hello, I'm Brenda!

My life has taken me through many experiences and in various directions: from married with children, to single and raising my daughters while still working full time, to currently married and helping my adult daughters start setting up their own homes.

I’m very experienced with moving and the challenges that are involved. I’ve helped my children through close to 25 different moves, starting with college/university to various apartments and homes. I myself have moved 11 times. This has put my love for decluttering and sorting to great use.

My training includes courses taken while being a proud member with Professional Organizers in Canada (POC), a Professional Organizer certificate from IAP and a Diploma from Thomson Education Direct for Interior Decorating.

I’ve always believed that people work hard and truly value their time. When life gets busy, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with keeping a home tidy, this is where hiring an expert is a smart investment.

I’m excited to share my experience, knowledge and helpful tips of organizing as I walk you through sorting and decluttering your spaces, leaving you to feeling less stress and bringing you the luxury of time to be spent with family, friends or on yourself.