Services & Fees

Tidy My Space can bring you the Luxury of Time by offering the following services:

Home or Small Office Organizing

Paper Sorting & Management

Before and after you move, Settling you in!

Garage/Basement Overhaul


Repurpose Rooms & Decorate from start to finish

Step one | Consultation


Book a FREE phone consultation to communicate your wants and needs.

Step two | Assessment

Tidy My Space will assess the project with you and design a personalized plan, estimate the numbers of hours to complete along with a quote on pricing, this takes approximately 2 hours.

Step three | Work 

Team Work Plan | $50 per hour

We will work together on all aspects of the project. 

Put Your Feet Up 

Tidy My Space will do all of the physical labour and you can assist us verbally-great for those with physical limitations. 

Free follow up appointment 


The health of our clients will always be our first priority. The following safety measures are in place which allow us to continue helping our clients tidy their space.

As of June 30, 2021 in-home visits are allowed.


Tidy My Space will still be available for Consultations and Team Work Plan (via Zoom) if clients prefer no home visits. I will reduce the Team Work Plan fee to reflect our absence.


When home visits are allowed, the following safety measures are in place:

  • A Covid-19 questionnaire will be texted or emailed 24 hours prior to in-person appointments.

  • I will wear a face covering, clients are asked to also wear face coverings if possible.

  • I will use disposable shoe covers while in residence and sanitize my hands.

  • Social distancing guidelines observed, if not possible, I will ask the client to remain in another room and I will bring items out for them to sort.

  • I will bring inside only the tools that I need and they will be disinfected prior to entering residence.

  • Tidy My Space organizers will have any water or food breaks outside.