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Time for Spring Cleaning

Finally the weather is showing signs of getting warmer and you know what that means!! Spring is Coming!! With the warmer weather, we can open the windows, let in some fresh air after being closed in for the cold winter months. So this blog is about SPRING CLEANING. Time to wash the windows, vacuum/wash the screens prior to installing them, dusting the walls (especially along the ceilings where dust webs might have gathered), getting the carpets shampooed, washing any light fixtures/ ceiling fans, in other words wiping everything down. This task seems overwhelming but our homes aren’t as dirty as our ancestors because we heat with natural gas/electric as apposed to oil, coal or wood. This cleaner fuel leaves less dust, ash or film on the insides and outsides of our homes, giving us a home that needs less cleaning. A quick wipe of a mop or duster can get most of the tasks done in a weekend. If you live in a larger home then it might take you longer or you can call in a cleaning service. If you’re going that route, I suggest calling asap and booking it because they’ll get busy quickly. Before you can really get to spring cleaning, you should address the clutter that’s accumulated over the winter. If you don’t have lots of time in your schedule, give it just 10 minutes at the end of each day, you’ll be surprised at how much can be accomplished. Tackle 1 drawer, 1 closet, 1 room until it’s done then go on to the next space. If you want tips on decluttering, drop me an email, happy to help. Spring is the time for renewal and refresh! Make it the year of refreshing your home to reflect who and what you want to be. No longer do you have to keep the golf clubs because you thought that you wanted to take up this sport and might learn to like it or if you thought buying the sewing machine to make your own drapes would save you money but it cost too much in material. It’s time to live your true, real life not your fantasy life. "We have to force ourselves to say goodbye to our “fantasy self” items, the stuff that we think we’ll use when we’re different versions of ourselves. When you find an item in the attic that you bought hoping one day you’d use it, remember that it was a stepping-stone to the person you are today. When you got it, you needed it. Even if you never used it once. Now you are ready to move on, because you’ve grown. Maturity is realizing we’re all human and that wisdom comes from self-acceptance” Keep the Memories, Loss the Stuff by Matt Paxton Make this Spring, a time of Renewal and Refresh!! Thank you, Brenda


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