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Is it too much??

Instead of my regular blog format with helpful tips and organizing advice, I thought I would give you my thoughts about the increased pressure of "More".

The pressure to have more stuff and be more is so overwhelming! There's even big campaigns that state " Have more and live better" What a load of BS!!

The Christmas shopping season puts a lot of pressure on people to spend more and go crazy in debt. This really doesn't make sense because Christmas or the holiday season in general is about spending time with friends and family not comparing the price tags on gifts. Some how our focus has gotten warped!

Do you find yourself in the trap of spending money that you don't have because society tells you that "It's the thing to do at Christmas?" Come January, the credit card bills come in and you realize that it'll take you months to pay it off. Most interest rates are over 10% causing the final bill to ballo0n and get out of control if you don't pay it off in one payment.

Let's try to refocus this season, now that the restrictions have loosened regarding visiting friends and family. Ask guests to bring an item for the food bank or an item for the Toy Drive for Kids instead of trying to find a gift for each other. All we really need is "EACH OTHER"

Make this season about Love and Spending Time Together!


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