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How to Tidy Junk Drawers

The Junk Drawer!

Everyone has a Junk Drawer, it's the drawer where little things go when you don't know where to put them.

Junk Drawer= a village of little homes for misfits that don't need a mansion.

Tips for Junk Drawers:

  • group like items together

  • group items that get used together, near each other

  • only have items that get used regularly

  • recycle any expired coupons or out of date papers

  • if there's a group of similar items somewhere else then this is where this item should go ex. tools, batteries, light bulbs, tie wraps, elastic bands

  • sort through this drawer every change of season or after 6 months because coupons expire and items get tossed in whilly nilly!

You can invest in clear little open containers to corral the loose items or shop your home to see if you already have something that'll work. I've cut down little boxes, used the lid of a Q-Tip box, used an old shot glass for paper clips, an unused cutlery tray for pens and markers, a buffalo clip to keep coupons or papers contained. Be resourceful and creative! Drop me an email/picture and let me know what you've used to contain your junk drawer!!

Storage Solutions for Junk Drawers:


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