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How to Organize your Jewellery

How do you store your jewellery? Is it in a case? Is it loose covering your dresser top? Is it in a cabinet or a drawer?

Do you have a large collection or just a few precious pieces? Do you need a sort and edit session because you have piles of items that haven’t been worn in a long time? Could you gift some heirlooms to your family now instead of waiting for the future? Maybe a family member is getting married and they would love a piece for that special day.

When it comes to storing and organizing your jewellery, you have a few options.

*1. a jewellery box. It usually has a lined interior with compartments and sometimes the lid has hooks for necklaces. My first jewellery box was white with flowers on it with a wind- up music box feature. When you opened the lid a ballerina twirled on her foot to a beautiful song. It was precious!

*2. open tray on a dresser top. There’s lots of pretty trays that can give your items a ‘home’ and keep them contained when not wearing. I suggest a tray with dividers and lined with soft cloth, this reduces any damage from jewellery rolling around or if items gets dropped into the tray.

*3. wall display board. This option is a great DIY project. Grab an old picture frame at the thrift store, some sticky strips/hooks, small pretty flip lid jewellery boxes and you have yourself a handy place to hang necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The sticky hooks can be applied to the glass panel, the boxes can use Velcro strips to attach them to the glass panel (for stud earrings). Open the lid and attach the strip to the glass and lid. This’ll make the box act as open storage for earrings

*4. dresser drawer. Assign part of all of the top drawer for your jewellery collection. This will keep them handy but reduces the visual clutter in your bedroom.

Only keep items that you love to wear! Get items resized if you want to wear them but they no longer fit. A good jeweller should be able to add or remove the necessary metals for a nominal fee. Have any pieces appraised to see if unworn objects are worth money before donating to thrift shops.


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