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How to Maximize your Closet Space

Do you use your closet space efficiently?

Most standard closets have a rod and a shelf. Not much to them and definitely not maximizing storage potential.

I recommend adding another full length upper shelf and lower storage cabinets or shelves to get the organized closet of your dreams.

*Measuring is the key! Know what space you have to work with and maximize it.

*Look at your style of clothes storage. Are you a drawer or hanger person? Do you have lots of long items to hang?

*Do you like to see your clothes on open shelves or would you rather have them hidden in closed drawers or baskets?

*Do you share your closet space? If so, how much room do they need?

*Is there a height difference between closet users?

*Is there a physical limitation that would hinder reaching clothes on an upper shelf or on the rod?

Lots of questions to answer before you even start drawing out the design and purchasing a system .

Take everything into consideration and the closet will be unique to your wants and needs.

Organizing closets and getting the space working for you is our pleasure and passion, Call us to see what we can do to make your life less stressful.

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