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How to Get a Luxury Hotel Bedroom

Remember travelling and staying at a high end hotel, remember that feeling when you stepped into your hotel room! You felt kind of richie rich!

You can get that feeling with your own bedroom by just tweaking a few things!

1. If it's older than 10 years, invest in the best mattress set that you can afford. Start saving for this, it may take awhile, they are pricey but your back will thank you everyday!

Research until your certain of the brand and quality level that's right for you. Go to a mattress store, not a store that sells everything under the sun, a store that specializes and knows mattresses.

2. Switch to sheets that have a thread count of 350 or higher. The higher the number the more horizontal and vertical threads are woven in an inch. This makes for softer and silkier sheets and more likely to last longer.

3. Pillows!! So important for a sleeping and for pain. The wrong pillow can cause neck and back pain. Side, back or tummy, every pillow is different. Try as many out as possible. I've found that the @Envy pillow was great for relieving the numbness in my hands. My old pillow was holding my neck at a weird angle and cutting off the circulation in my hands.

4. Nightstands give you a spot to put your glasses, or that great book that your read before bed. Have them the same height as the mattress so that you aren't reaching up or down to use the items on it.

5. Table lamps are better to read with than an overhead light. The bottom of the shade should be at your eye level while in bed. If it's too high, then you see the glare of the bulb. Too low and you get less light directed onto your book.

6. A fluffy comforter makes everything feel luxurious and a thin blanket can be great for those hot nights when the comforter is too much.

7. Side chair is great for hanging clothes on or giving you a place to sit when dressing.

8. Room darkening drapes help with keeping the room dark for better sleep.

9. I like a ceiling fan to move the air and keep the room cool, this helps with sleep too

10. A dresser with many drawers gives you lots of storage options.


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