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Gifting Family Heirlooms

Heirlooms and "Gifting"!!

There comes a time in everyone's life when we want or need to downsize our stuff. Even when we stay in our home, we often feel the need to start 'gifting' our possessions to others, so that others can enjoy them and thus freeing up more space in our home.

Win win!!

Questions to ask yourself when giving things to others.

1. Is it something that they love, want and need?

2. Is it valuable? Should it be appraised and insured?

3. Do they have room for it?

4. Does it hold a special meaning to them or just you?

5.Will you be upset if no one wants it? Don't guilt them into taking anything, this just makes hard feelings and resentment.

Different generations have different feelings about Things. What means a lot to one person, may not mean as much to another. For example: most of this current generation look at Royal Doulton figurines, fur coats or large wood furniture as just excess stuff, not as the investment that they were at the time of purchase.

Don't take it personal if they don't love what you love!!

Call or DM for help if you want to reduce your possessions but don't know how to start.





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