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Christmas Decoration Storage Tips

When the holidays are finished, what do you do with the decorations?

The following tips can help you keep holiday decor organized and safely stored ready for next year.

Christmas Wreaths: They can be fragile so keep them in a container that either hangs on the wall of a storage room or stacked on a shelf. I've tried putting wreaths in a plastic bag then hanging them on a peg in my storage room but it still allowed pieces to get broken off. I invested in solid containers that comes with a handle for hanging.

Christmas Ornaments: A cardboard box works fine but to ensure that water and moisture doesn't damage fragile ornaments, invest in a solid plastic bin. It can be clear to allow seeing what's inside or solid with a label!. Some containers have dividers to keep ornaments from banging into each other, this is great for most babbles. Try wrapping extremely fragile ornaments in bubble wrap to add an additional measure of protection. The containers also are usually Christmasy colours, helping you retrieve the right container from storage.

Artificial Trees: The original tree box is usually good for about 3 years then it falls apart, I had so much tape holding it together, then I bought a tree bag that zips up and can hang from a loop on the top or stand up safely. The tree bag also has carrying handles to carry it from room to room. Tree stand maybe too big or sharp for storing in a fabric bag.

Exterior/Interior Lights: Find a box or container that can hold entire light strands. Don't mix exterior with interior!

Some containers have inserts that the lights can be wound around to eliminate tangles. If you don't have an insert, loop the strand around your elbow(hold the plug end in your hand with your arm at a 90 degree angle and wrap the strand around your elbow then up to your hand, continue until the other end) and tie wrap on loops to keep the strand from coming apart.

However you store your holiday decorations, ensure that they stay away from water and heat! Water will cause delicate paper to fall apart, mold can also start to grow on anything that is slightly damp. Especially if you don't open the container for another year. Heat can also damage by melting plastic items.

Happy Holidays Everyone and see you in the New Year!



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