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Why Hire a Professional?

Many people have fun tackling DIYs

but at some point you may say

"I'd pay somebody to deal with this"

By hiring a Pro you get:    


Accountability Partner

it'll get done and off your to-do list

you're given permission to let go of things, this often holds us back

because we feel we need someone's approval or permission.

we're an active listener to your stories and allow you to travel down memory lane

while sorting your items.

saves you time because you'll get more done with a Pro by your side

encouraging and assisting.

Sustainable Systems

we don't push purchasing anything until we use what you already own;

this will be the most affordable and sustainable option

Many comments that we hear from clients are;
"I'm so embarrassed!"
we understand that disorganization happens, we won't judge or be critical; we actually get excited when we have a client with clutter.


"It's too expensive"
consider the time that you lose by constantly searching for lost items, the late fees that you paid because you lost the paperwork, the penalty for missing a work deadline or the inconvenience of a cancelled service  because you misplaced a bill. 


"I'm on a budget, I can't afford you"

  • we can work with the budget and schedule that is comfortable for you

  • we reuse or repurpose items (whenever possible) that you already own, keeping the costs down

  • expensive containers don't keep a home organized, systems/ routines that work, do!


"I can do it myself"

  • there's lots of information on online that can help you get started but the motivation to continue and get the job done isn't there. 

  • when you've invested your money you feel driven to get your moneys worth and to complete the project. 

  • Online solutions may not work for your situation, every space is unique. Having a Professional Organizer 

       customize your plan will make sure that it a system that works for you.

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