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Bathroom Shower Ideas

Doors or curtain?

Which one do you like? Why?

Both are fairly easy to clean, both allow easy access to the tub/shower, both are visually pleasing, both can be changed or replaced with simple DIY tools.

I like the curtain because it's easy to change when you want to change the decor, it hides the bathing products that are stored in the shower area and it's easy to open and close with one hand. The doors tend to be heavier and may require a bit more strength to get them to move at the start and removing water spots can be a constant cleaning job.

But for some people both are a struggle. The tub is really the issue, having to step up into a tub can be extremely difficult and could cause a slip and fall.

If your home can allow it, install grab bars and grippy stickers to the bottom of the tub or convert the tub to a walk-in shower.

Also keep bathing products to a minimum in the shower area, by editing items that you no longer use or decant almost empty bottles into new bottles. Did you know that many falls happen because of fallen bottles that get stepped on. Those almost empty bottles are very tippy and fall over constantly!

Install a shelving system within reach preferably with a lip to prevent items from sliding off the shelf.

Sort, edit and be safe!





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