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Tips for a Great Entry Way

Start with having a drop-zone for all of the things that your family brings into the house. *backpacks

*coats, boots, hats and mitts

*purses, keys

*mail and delivery items

*coffee mugs, water bottles

Have a bench to sit down on and to sit items on while you're taking your coat and boots off. Have 2 hooks (1 above or behind the other) for each member of the family (with their name on them), this will eliminate the problem of not having a hook for their stuff. One hook for the backpack or purse and the other for the coat.

Have a pretty container/ bin/ basket for the mail and delivered items and a basket for any keys or wallets.

** If you have a keyless fob for your car keys and you leave the keys near a doorway, store the entire fob in a metal container. This can be anything that's metal and completely covers the fob. Car thieves are stealing locked cars from driveways by hacking into the key fob signal. It only takes seconds for them to find the signal and drive away.

Make it the routine to put items in their designated place asap. This cuts down on remembering where an item is and or moving it to it's home later.


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